Scrumstudy Agile Master Certification SAMC

Course Duration: 34 Hours

Evolve Your Career Through SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certification

Essence of SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certification (SAMC™):
With the changing technological landscapes, human behavior also changes and there is a widespread demand for agile methodologies. The agile process requires adoptive planning management, better communication, and coordinated development, and delivery.

The core focus is on the value of people who are responsible for getting the job done and SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certification (SAMC™) will empower you to grow your career in the growing agile development and transformation market.

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Candidate Profile:

This certification is designed for anyone and everyone who is interested in understanding the conceptual stance of agile project delivery and learn various available agile methodologies and Ednotch is a leader in proving this certifications.

Prerequisites for the certification:
There are no formal criteria and requirements for the certification; however, SDC™ or SMC™ professionals would find it easy to understand the concept. You can also go for a 3-day training session both offline and online sessions to understand it better.

Format of the test: Multiple Choice questions
Number of questions: 100 questions per test
Passing marks: You need to answer at least 57 questions to pass, each answer carries 1 mark
Duration: 120 minutes
Platform: Proctored online test
Required Education: Preferably SDC™ (or) SMC™ certified professional.
Target Group: Anyone part of a Scrum team
Course Duration: 34 hours