Scrum Fundamental Certified Training

Course Duration: 34 Hours

Certification Course for Scrum Fundaments for Professionals

The Scrum Fundamental Certified course is a foundational course for anyone to learn the framework of the Scrum and the basic understanding of concepts. It is a comprehensive and well designed course which helps in elaborating and simplifying the concepts within the Scrum Body of Knowledge.

The course conducted and offered by Ednotch is conducted under professional Scrum Trainers. This course is important because it helps the working professionals to understanding how the Scrum network work and its application in different projects. The SFC exam will be conducted before providing with the Scrum Fundamentals Certification.

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Objective of the Course and Inclusion

The certified professionals will know the concepts and framework of Scrum Methodology. The understanding of the Scrum principle helps in delivering projects with the application of the Scrum framework. This helps in familiarizing with the principles of the SCRUM study.

  • An online SFC exam post and on passing the individual becomes Scrum Framework Certified.
  • The SFC certification consists of 40 MCQ and needs to be complete in 60 minutes.
  • Lifetime Access to Scrum Lessons and Videos, Terms, Concepts, Reference Material, Case Studies
  • Perfect Course for Learning Scrum Framework and Become a Certified Professional. Anyone can take up the course.