Cobit5 Training Certification

Course Duration: 34 Hours

COBIT5 Certification Course as Foundation for Enterprise IT

The Cobit5 Training and Certification is an IT course designed for working professionals. The certification course offered at Ednotch is conducted under the guidance and supervision of industry experts. There are around 6 lessons included within the course and it helps in better understanding of the IT framework.

Main Aim and Goals of the Course

The course aims to strength the understanding of IT framework. It helps in understanding the complete management as well as IT framework of business.

  • Understand good IT practices for better business management and enterprise development.
  • Foundational Understanding of the IT management along with events which adversely impact the IT structure of the organization.
  • Learn IT governance and process management with practical business implementation.
  • Learn process improvement using the seven -stage approach through the practical assessment.

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Benefits of Pursuing the Course

The COBIT 5 framework is a complete certification training for complete management and governance of IT enterprise. The certification program helps in clearing and preparing for the COBIT5 exam. The training aims at teaching the implementation and use of IT for enterprise management.

The foundational course opens up high number of IT careers. The IT professionals with a COBIT5 certification training has more IT opportunities. This helps in upgrading the career for the existing IT professionals.