Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Training

Course Duration: 34 Hours

Ethical Hacker Certification & Training To Wide Open Vistas Of Opportunities

Essence of Ethical Hacker Certification & Training
The Cyber Security landscape is promising and our CEH training modules would help you in understanding the basics to handle complex security issues such as penetration testing. The course module is designed in sync with all the 5 vital phases of the Ethical hacking that includes Reconnaissance, Enumeration, Gaining Access, Maintaining Access, and Covering Tracks.
You will be taught the most advanced techniques along with some common things that the black-hat hacking communities deploy such as social engineering practices to gain access as a penetration tester.

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Criteria For Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Course:

The course aims to strength the understanding of IT framework. It helps in understanding the complete management as well as IT framework of business.

  • Applicants should and must have a bachelor’s degree or the global equivalent of the same such as 3-year or 4-year degree programs.
  • The applicants must possess basic computer skills and knowledge

The Objectives Of The Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Course:
It will give you a clear understanding of network defense mechanisms, you will learn to tools and techniques that the hackers use to scan and safeguard the systems, you will also learn penetration testing and network security mechanisms from a hacker’s vantage point.

All you need to do is to join Ednotch and clear the CEH certification examination to grow in your career.