Scrum Master Certified Training

Course Duration: 34 Hours

Scrum Master Certification Training To Carry Out Agile Projects Efficiently

About Scrum Master Certification Training:
The Scrum Master Certified SMC™ is important for agile developments and projects; it empowers facilitation of the process, removing roadblocks, bottlenecks and blind spots. Through a coordinated approach between product owners, Scrum team, it ensures that all the value standards and performance requirements are met. This curse is an entry-level course for the professionals who are part of the Scrum team.

The essence of Scrum Master Certified Online Training:
It is a highly effective online training program provided by Ednotch that aims to cater to the modern Scrum teams that are fragmented, and distributed so that professionals can grow and assist the Scrum team to produce shippable products at the end of every sprint thus improving growth.
You will get both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience on Atlassian JIRA Tool that would help you in becoming a seasoned Scrum team professional and empower to understand the agile methodology and its conceptual frameworks.

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Goals and Objective Goals and Objective Of Scrum Master Certification Online?

  • Learn Scrum languages and applications
  • Empowers you produce different scrum artifacts that includes, product backlog sprint backlog, , the definition of done, and completed deliverables.
  • Facilities in the Scrum Application process in any organization
  • Enable to handle JIRA cloud-based sites
  • Spring planning, sprint reviews, and all the other daily Scrum activities
  • Empower you to clear EXIN Agile Scrum Master exam

Exam module info:
Examination Format: Multiple Choice questions
Number of questions: 100 questions
Passing mark: 57 marks, each right answer carries 1 mark
Duration: 2 hours
Platform: Online proctored test