Scrum Product Owner Certification

Course Duration: 34 Hours

Get Scrum Product Owner Certifications For A Promising Future

What You Need To Know About The Scrum Product Owner Certification:
The Product Owner is a correspondent of the stakeholder fraternity that represents stakeholders’ interests to the Scrum team. The product owner is solely responsible for communicating the products’ and services’ functional requirements for the Scrum team. The product owner also defines the terms for acceptance and makes sure that the requirements are met.
A product owner works in two different dimensions, the first, while he/she has to represent the stakeholders, he/she should also understand how to work with Scrum team and that demands skill sets and intelligence.
Ednotchwill award you the Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC™) certificate by SCRUMstudy once you successfully complete the training and pass the examination, which will make you market-ready.

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Candidature Profile

This certificate is good for the people who work as the interfaces of stakeholders or works as Product Owners in Scrum Teams.

Prerequisites for the course:
There are no such hard and fast rules or stringent requirements to enroll; however, SDC™ or SMC™ Certified professionals will find it relevant and easy to understand the concepts.

Training Module Info:
Format of the examination: Multiple Choice
Number of questions: 140 questions, each question carries one mark, no negative marking for wrong answers
Duration: 180 minutes
Platform: Proctored online test
Course Duration: 34 Hours