Intermediate CSI Certification Training

Course Duration: 34 Hours

Enhance Your IT Service Career Through Our Comprehensive Intermediate CSI Certification

Why do you need ITIL® Intermediate Continual Service Improvement (CSI) certification?
For IT service professionals ITIL® Intermediate Continual Service Improvement (CSI) certification is important to plan and optimize your skills in the dynamic IT field to enhance your expertise continuously. It would also help in measuring and analyzing your skill and service improvements through various KPIs (Key Performance indicators).

Our Training Module

Our Intermediate CSI Certification course is a comprehensive 21 hours learning program that you can attend through both classroom and e-learning programs. We are an accredited centre that has highly skilled trainers and tutors to assist you through video calls, voice calls, and through other digital communication methods.

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Examination and test format

  • 1 and ½ hours test
  • Questions type: Multiple choice questions, 8 questions/ paper.
  • Passing Mark: Need to Score 28 out of 40 marks, which is 70b %
  • Exam Type: Closed book test

How to get ITIL® Intermediate CSI certification?

In order to get ITIL® Intermediate CSI certification, you will have to complete the following processes

  • You have to attended the required 21 hours class either through e-learning platform or classroom training
  • You have to apply and answer ITIL® CSI certification exam questions
  • Achieve the required passing 70% marks within the designated time limit
  • Get certification with 4 credits of this training module

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