Scrum Developer Certification (SDC)

Course Duration: 34 Hours

Exam Details And Requirements For Candidates Opting For SDC – Scrum Developer Certification

If you want to be a part of the Scrum Developer team, then you need to hold valid SDC certification. If you are already interacting actively with the Scrum team, you are eligible for SDC. The main aim of opting for SDC is that candidates gain in-depth knowledge, related to Scrum projects.

Tools and courseware details
The entire examination and course preparation part will be conducted for the candidate Online. You can collect details related to exams and courses via the official Ednotch web portal.
Once you get registered, you have to be a part of the training module – by experts, and then appear for the certification exam.

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Eligible Candidates

As mentioned above, candidates who are already in touch with the Scrum team are eligible for this certification course.
The basic requirement is for candidates who are aware of the Scrum team working procedure, so you are interactive with the Scrum team.
Before you apply, it is obvious that you are already aware of the methodology of the Scrum working team.

Exam module
Each candidate will be exposed to different levels of testing procedure including MCQs (multiple choice questions), single mark answers, and a set of 57 questions minimum to score a passing grade.
The plus point here is that candidates are never graded negative marking for wrong answers. The candidate is also expected to complete the exam within 90 minutes. For more details, you can simply log online.